Alleghany County – Live Here and Work Anywhere


Alleghany County – Live Here and Work Anywhere

A recent article listed Sparta as one of seven places in the United States noted for a low cost of living and ideal for entrepreneurs to set up shop.  The article specifically mentioned the availability of gigabit, fiber optic Internet service as a primary reason for Sparta making this list.  Sparta town manager, Bryan Edwards offers insight into this resource.

“Often, when we talk about our fiber footprint here in Alleghany County, people think we are mistaken about our service,” he says with a laugh.  “This is especially true when we share this with people from urban areas.  They think there is no way we have that kind of resource in a rural, mountain county.  And when I explain the extent of the coverage, they become even more skeptical.”

Karen Powell of Skyline/Skybest clarifies any question on the issue.  “We have 100% fiber availability across our service area of Alleghany County.  And we furnish service to everyone in Alleghany except one small corner of our community.”

Fiber Map.jpg

This creates opportunities for an increasingly technological workforce to live here and work anywhere.  An example is Zach Barricklow.  Zach and his siblings founded Versado Training.  They conduct training for corporations around the world and were recently recognized as an Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Private Company.  The fiber capability in Sparta allows Zach fast download/upload speeds and excellent video connection.  This allows Zach’s family to enjoy a home in an intimate community filled with outdoor opportunities.




So whether you are looking for a place to work from home or just enjoy the latest movie streamed directly into your home, Alleghany County’s fiber availability will furnish gigabit speed and uninterrupted service.