Old Fashioned Day at Stone Mountain State Park

One of the least known facts about Alleghany County is that a large portion of Stone Mountain State Park is located in Alleghany.  The main entrance, the ranger station, the developed campground, picnic area and even half of the granite dome itself are all located in Alleghany County.  So, why the geographic confusion?  Geology may hold part of the answer.

The Blue Ridge Escarpment forms a distinct separation between the Piedmont region of North Carolina and the mountains of western part of the state.  A short drive up Highway 21 from Surry County to Alleghany offers the perfect illustration as the relatively short stretch of road climbs approximately 1500 feet.  This abrupt change in elevation leads to a common Alleghany phrase of “going off the mountain.”  It also helps explain the disconnect some experience between Alleghany County and Stone Mountain State Park.

This Saturday, September 8, offers an opportunity to explore the history of Stone Mountain and the formation of the property as a state park as they celebrate Old Fashioned Day.  The event is a homecoming of sorts for many of the families who once resided within the current park boundaries.  There will be vendors of handmade crafts and demonstrations of traditional mountain skills.  Live bluegrass performances will take place throughout the day.

Old Fashioned Day will begin at 11:00 am and conclude at 4:00 pm.  In addition to the scheduled events, visitors can take advantage of miles of beautiful hiking trails, and fish in the trout streams that flow through the park.  Camping is available and reservations are suggested

Whether your interest is in outdoor activities, shopping for handmade items, listening to bluegrass music or exploring the distinct geology of the area, Stone Mountain State Park and Old Fashioned Day has something to offer everyone.