Oh the Places You Can Dine!

What creates the ultimate dining experience?  For some it requires exotic dishes while for others it is more familiar staples. Some patrons value a quiet, intimate experience while others enjoy a more raucous, community feel where neighbors greet neighbors with handshakes, hugs and inquiries about family.  Paper or cloth napkins; vegetarian or steak; American or international; live music or none; all these things impact our assessment of the perfect dining experience. Fortunately, we can meet all of those needs in Alleghany County. 

But where is your favorite place to enjoy a meal in Alleghany County?

This month, Authentically Alleghany will set out to answer that question.  For the next two weeks, up to once a day, you can list your favorite dining establishment. Go to authenticallyalleghany.com to vote.  You will be prompted to enter your email address and asked if you would like to receive future events listings.  You can then write in your favorite place. If you need your memory refreshed of all the available locations visit the Dining tab found here on our website.

After two weeks, the votes will be counted and the top five locations will be listed.  For the next two weeks, you may once again choose from those five contenders to name your favorite dining experience in Alleghany County.  The winner will be listed as the featured restaurant on the dining page of the website.  The other four will be listed just below the featured spot.

Alleghany County has a rich history of stepping up to help neighbors through difficult times.  Mid-winter can be one of those times for small businesses, especially restaurants.  Let’s show our support for these local entrepreneurs by casting a vote.  More importantly, visit these businesses for an outstanding meal.