Parenting Programs

Alleghany Pregnancy Care Center

Classes in prenatal, parenting and living skills (i.e. positive credit, apt. renting, wise buying habits, used car buying, house cleaning, money management).
Telephone: 336-372-7844

Partnership for Children

Darkness to Light child sexual abuse prevention program, DANA program, Nurturing Parenting and Positive Parenting Program (Triple P) classes.
Telephone: 336-372-2846

Positive Parenting Program (Triple P) - Online or Local Providers

Free online course for all parents in North Carolina! “Triple P gives you proven parenting strategies that will help you set up for child or teenager for life-so they’ll be happy, confident and successful.” You can choose the course that is right for your child’s age, anywhere from 0-17 years old! Website:, click on Triple P Online in top right corner. To find a Triple P provider in Alleghany county, click on ‘Find Local Triple P Providers’ in the top right corner, click ‘Map of Organization’ and filter by county.