Alleghany County Schools

Register for need and income based area preschools, schedule appointment for screening.
Telephone: 336-372-4345

Blue Ridge Christian School

Pre-kindergarten programs for 3 and 4 year olds meeting at various locations.
Telephone: 336-372-6900

Gap Civil Head Start

Kindergarten preparation for 3- 5 yr. olds stressing parental involvement; free to qualified families; health, dental and nutrition services for enrolled children.
Telephone: 336-372-8918


Alleghany High School

Telephone: 336-372-4554

Blue Ridge Christian School

Telephone: 336-372-6900

Board of Education

Telephone: 336-372-4345

Glade Creek Elementary School

Telephone: 336-657-3388

Piney Creek Elementary School

Telephone: 336-359-2988

Sparta Elementary School

Telephone: 336-372-8546